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The world is changing 

and so are we…

The world is changing 

and so are we…

In Home and Remote Training

Have you been struggling with Windows 10? Or 

perhaps you have moved over to Apple Mac and don't know a lot about the operating system. Here at Microtech we are offering one to one training in a variety of subjects such as Word Processing, 

Spreadsheets, Game Design, Photo Editing Software and many more (see list for more options).

The lessons will be offered in one hour slots, at your home at a time convenient to you.

One to one lessons offer a more personal approach to teaching and learning, the speed of the lesson is dictated by the pupil’s ability to learn rather than the speed of the tutor, 

giving you a more comfortable way of learning. Once you feel you are upto speed then stop the lessons and have top up lessons when and if you need them.

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